It’s Official and it’s Awesome and 2 for1 Action

I finally worked out a place in Portland so I’ll be leaving by the middle of next week. Hoorah! Three cheers for rented property to live in. So I got a lot of preparing to do before the big trek though the madness these united states.

One order of business is to lighten up my load a bit so I’m not wrestling a bunch of boxes in the cab of my truck. I’m going to try and skinny up my print stock if possible so from now until the week I move, I’m going to include a small $35 print when you buy one of the larger prints… a little 2 for 1 action. If you do buy a print this week, please let me know by email which one of the little guys you want and I’ll have it over to you pronto with it’s bigger buddy. Plus you’ll have the added satisfaction of putting gas in my truck and sparing me horrible horrible scenarios of being stranded, crying and scared in the middle of nowhere. I imagine it would be like the show Lost but without the extremely attractive people on a beach part and instead just full of angry people beating me about the face and taking all my shit. That wouldn’t be a fun trip at all.

So if you’re interested, check out my Shop


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