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I’ve released a new print. I’ve gotten many requests to make a print for this piece over the past year so I’m finally making it available. It’s a very small edition of 25 so be sure to jump on it whilst you can. Here’s a link to my Etsy Store.

Kehoe Store

Speaking of Etsy, I’ve switched over there recently. It’s mostly out of my own laziness and complete hatred of writing HTML every time I wanted to update my site. I’m actually thinking of just linking my “Paintings” section over to my Flickr page. Man, updating my new work drives me even more crazy. Sizing, resizing, jpegs, checking links… ugh! Fuck it. I’d rather spend all day painting than doing all that. Even typing about updating my site made my hands sweat and i felt a bit of puke rise up from my stomach. So yeah, it’s probably gonna happen sooner than later.

Also, I’m deciding right now if I should make some t shirts or not. I’ve got a design ready to go but I’m going to take a little consensus and see what the demand would be for some custom shirts. Let me know what you think with a comment if you can. Should I do it?
But I know something that I am going to have out soon… Custom beer Koozies. That’s gonna be great. I think all my fans must be drunks or half drunks so why not have something to hold your beers? Beautiful.

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