Holy shit Life is Good

So I landed in Portland a couple weeks ago and I’m finally settling in a bit. It’s so weird being in a completely foreign place… kind of like it but also kind of unnerving. But I love this city and I’m having a great time so far. I also just got back from attending the openging to my group show at Black Maria in LA. Got to hang out with my brother Ben and went to a Halloween party courtesy of Michael Hsiung… who’s an amazing guy! Had a blast.

I’ve also posted a couple new prints on my Etsy Store. One of them is from the recent show at Black Maria called “The Flood Brings Curious Encounter.” Really love that piece. And I’m also releasing one of the pieces from Blab! #19 as a print also which is a real treat. I just got permission from them today to use one of the pieces called, “A Noble Leader Exiled, Hornless and Shamed.” Awesome!

So you can go to my shop by clicking HERE or there’s a nifty little sidebar that has a Mini Etsy Store. Neat.

Oh! And I also posted a couple original pieces left over from the Blab! show on my Etsy store as well.

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