Renewing Hope

The print I get asked about most is an oldie but goodie called “Finding Hope Here in the Clearing.” It’s one of my most optimistic pieces and I think we can all use a little slice of that these days. Today was an especially beautiful day in Portland, and I felt pretty good about the world as I drank my coffee in the sunshine. Then I gave an old lady a hi-five and did a whistling somersault across a busy street followed by the jazziest jazz hands ever. From my bio, you may know that I am former master of jazz hands. I haven’t used my jazz hands in years… not since that tragic day. I can still hear the screams of children and horses when I close my eyes. But the day called for it and I felt that my moves kept the weather nice. No thanks necessary. I’m just glad no one got hurt.

I know some people missed out on the first run so I’m running a second edition of it, but closer to the original size. I’m keeping it at a very small run of 25 and after that, it’s gone forever. Go to my Etsy store for more info:

Keep it jazzy.

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