Heading to Blizzard Land

Tomorrow I head to the airport for the midnight plane to New York. I’m taking Jet Blue so maybe I’ll watch some Olympics to pass some time. Or it might be a good time to get some sleep… Hopefully I don’t get the night terrors this time. Air travelers are so tense these days and don’t take too well to some sleeping, long-haired, half-asian guy thrashing his arms around and screaming bloody murder. Lighten up people. Flying used to be fun.

The reason for my trip to New York is to attend the Jonathan LeVine Gallery 5th Year Anniversary Show. I still have my work here in Portland so it’s going to travel with me in a very secure and well-packaged box. I was hoping to get these pieces done earlier so it wouldn’t be last minute, but that didn’t end up happening. As hard as I may try, it always comes down to the wire even though I’ve been working on these guys for a while. Sometimes I suspect my own paintings are trying to make me look like a fool… But they always pull through in the end and it’s hi-fives all around. I dropped them off to get photographed today so I’ll have images to share soon. I’ll post them on my Flickr tomorrow.

Here’s the card for the show… and the ***closed for installation*** image on their site. Nice.

Check out their site for more info.


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