Run to the Swimming Holes

Summer in Portland is an awesome slice of fir-scented heaven. For all the rain we put up with all year, it stays clear and sunny all summer. Normally the temperature is pretty modest and pleasant, but every once in a while some high heat rolls in and slaps you in the face like a hot jerk. Honestly, as hot as it gets here it’s nothing compared to heat out East with all the sticky humidity. So I can handle some dry heat… especially if some river swimming is involved. Although, working in an attic studio with little tiny windows is not the best place to be during a heat wave. It definitely reached over 100 degrees in the studio today. After a while I started passing out sporadically and waking up in random places with dirt and wood chips all over my mouth. One time I woke up with a frozen chicken pot pie in my mouth. I think I was attracted to the coldness of it.

I’ve got the Blab! Show 2010 coming up next month at Copro Nason. The pieces are done and waiting to be shipped out. The show is chock full of amazing talent so if you’re in the LA area, I recommend you get on those scary freeways and make you way over there. I wish I could, but I’ll be on the road moving all my belongings back East.

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