Report from the Maeltrsom

I have an update on the resin prints which can be considered good and bad. The update is that turned out wonderful… and quickly sold out before I even posted them. Here are some pictures of the completed resin prints.

I’ve been meaning to post about it, but I’ve been caught in an art making maelstrom that has left me little time to do anything but desperately art make. My next show at Jonathan LeVine is coming up on May 18th, so every minute counts at this point. I am incorporating some new elements into my work, literally into my work, since it’ll all be submerged in resin in the end. Some paintings are finally coming together and are actually starting looking like something. That’s always been a satisfying aspect to my work, but especially now with the resin pieces. Most of them start out as an abstract idea, a hopeful plan and a lot of improvising.
After this show, my next show isn’t for another year so I can slow things down a bit. I’ve been going full tilt for years now, and I’d like to leave some room for other things in my life. Like updating this blog with updates more pithy than practical… and more than four times a year.

I’ll also be releasing a new print this Friday at 4:00 pm ET. It’ll be my last print release until the end of May when this show is over. Here is the info:

Cloaked in a Vast and Quiet Wonder
12″ x 18″ including 1″ white border
edition of 75
Signed and Numbered

Cloaked in a Vast and Quiet Wonder

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