Postcard for my upcoming thinkspace show

December is almost here… where did the time go? Oh yeah, I’ve been in the studio drinking coffee, painting and listening to Harry Potter audio books all day. Not a bad way to spend the day. Throw in some hot chocolate and a space heater and we are in business.

Portland has been absolutely beautiful the last week or so. But the Portland rain has moved in with a fury and it looks to be a soggy week ahead. All the more reason to stay in and get some paintings done!

Print news. The print I was working on with BLVD fell through and we decided to go a new direction with it which is really exciting. I’m going to get them over an original design instead of rehashing an existing painting. Should be fun! In light of the new direction, this frees up “The Wandering of the Wicked” piece so I am releasing it myself as a print. It’ll be another larger 22″ x 22″ print. Check out the shop for more info>>>
This will be the last print I release for a couple months.

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