Moving Pains and Prints Sales

It’s been a busy couple weeks. Some of it fun busy… and some not so fun.

I got to go down to LA for the Blab! show which was amazing. I got to hang out with the ever awesome Michael Hsiung. He even let me sleep on his couch and made me eggs in the morning. What a guy. Finally got to meet Monte Beauchamp as well. He’s the brains behind Blab! and been meaning to meet him for a while. The shitty part of the trip was me oversleeping my 6:00 am flight to LA… maybe whiskey drinking wasn’t the best idea the night before but what the hell? I had my piece for the Blab! show with me so I HAD to make it to LA by that afternoon. Fuck. The airline tried to put me on standby but I needed a concrete plan of action so I bought another flight with a different airline. Fucking hell. Then on the way back to Portland, I go to get my boarding pass and they tell me that because I missed my flight to LA, they canceled my return flight to Portland. Major FUCKERY! After another $150 to book a new flight, I was on my way home… That extra hour of sleep ended up costing me as much as a new Playstation 3 with a couple sweet games. Instead I got a poorly printed boarding pass and more bottled up rage. Flying used to be fun right?
I also drove up to Seattle last weekend for the Travis Louie opening at Roq La Rue. I’ve been wanting to see his work in person for some time and I was not disappointed. How he gets that delicate of line work is beyond me. I’ve met Travis on the Internets before but never in person. Meeting him in person was a delight and he signed a new book of his for me called Curiosities… my god does he have some good penmanship!

I’m in the process of finding a new place to live in Portland, so I’ve been obsessively refreshing Craigslist apartment listings all day for the last month. Also checking out a bunch of apartments here and there has been pretty interesting. There always seemed to be one glaring factor that ruined the place. Whether it’s the overbearing landlady that made us take off our shoes before entering the apartment, the extra small house that looked bigger on the posting with a creepy dog man living in the basement, the dirty litterbox smelling carpet, bedrooms to small, living room too small, and on and on. Still kind of fun though in a strange way.

In light of new move and all the costs associated with it, I’m posting a sale in my Etsy store. I’m having a buy 2 for $100 sale which will save you a handy $30. Go ahead and buy yourself something nice. And I’m also having a Buy 2 Large Prints, Get a Small Print Free sale… if you’re the type that wants more bang for your buck.
You can click on my mini-Etsy store to the right to visit. Or Here.


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