Dirty Winter Report: New Prints and Resin Print Update

For all those out there enduring this bitter and cruel winter, I wish you well. The hard months are almost behind us, and the teasing of Spring is around the corner. Though I feel there will be a lot of teasing before Winter lets Spring out of it’s strangle hold. In fact, if the changing of seasons participated in an old school WWF tag team wrestling match this year, then the Winter Boys’ Manager would be distracting the referee, while they both mercilessly pounded one of the Springsteens with flying elbows, legs drops, and metal chairs behind the ref’s back.
A friend of mine proposed that this long winter is actually a well orchestrated and over the top marketing campaign for the next season of Game of Thrones. We get it HBO. Winter came and we were all knights of Summer. That being said, looking forward to season 4!
The one positive aspect of winter is that there it leaves me little reason to wander out of the confines of my studio. With my next show in June at Roq La Rue approaching with an impossible rapidity, there is still much left to do. Amongst neglecting emails, social media, and personal hygiene, I’ve also noticed my Etsy store has become a bit barren. I’ve sold out of a number of editions and some others are nearly sold out. As it happens, I’ve recently finished a couple commissions, so I’ll be releasing them along with a couple other pieces as prints on Friday March 21st at 4:00 PM Eastern Time.

Here are the details.

Our Wondrous Journey
Limited edition of 100
22″ x 18″ including 1″ White Border
Forest Fellowship
Limited edition of 75
20″ x 15″ including 1″ White Border

Ambient Transcendence
Limited edition of 75
18″ x 22″ including 1″ White Border

A Thoughtful yet Tentative Emergence
Limited edition of 75
12″ x 16″ including 1″ White Border
I’ve also been working on the long overdue resin prints over the last few months. I’m on the final layer of both of them, and I’m hoping to have them done in the next month. Here are the details of those.
Roamer of the Subterranean Forest
Limited Edition of 15
18″ x 14″
Relish in Moments of Glory
Limited Edition of 15
16″ x 16″
Here are some progress shots.
Hello Resin Prints. Nice to see you

After a layer of resin on the print, I added some fog and added some color.
Then another layer of resin, and the first layer of trees.
After another layer of resin, I’m now working on the final layers of fog and trees.
 During the first layer of resin, I sprinkle some wet oil paint into the wet resin. Adds some really cool depth the the sky and makes each piece very unique.

 Then some cloud painting and coloring.
I’m on the final layer of painting clouds and the foreground trees.
If you’re interested in one of these, please email me to reserve one.

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