NYC = Success

My show in New York at Jonathan LeVine Gallery was a smashing good time. Thanks to everyone that came out! I was in a little pain at the opening due to the previous night’s activities. Anyone ever heard of a pickle back? It’s when you take a shot of whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice. Sounds weird but it’s delicious and smooth… too smooth. You lose track after a while. Anyways, I’ve posted all the new work to my Flickr account so check it out. I have to say, it’s my favorite collection of paintings yet.

Now I’m going to do nothing for a few days then get back to work. I have my Roq La Rue show coming up in October. May as well get busy now to reduce the pain of the panic-riddled later months.

Jonathan LeVine Gallery will be making prints of two of my pieces from the show. “Hail the Dark Wonder” and “Revel in the Wild Joy.” We’re just getting started on it so more updates to come.

Hail the Dark Wonder

In the meantime, I just released some new prints from the show including “Under the Gaze of the Glorious.” Check out my Etsy for more info.

Under the Gaze of the Glorious

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