Moving Pains, Studio Gains, Friday Print Release

My wife and I ended up buying a house last month, rather unexpectedly, and rather awesomely. Moving is always pretty rough when it comes to uprooting your life, but it’s doubly disrupting when you work where you live, especially when you’re in the middle of a show. I love my new space though, so it’s been very worth it.

IMG 7730

Ugh. What a mess. Setting up a new studio is always a daunting, yet exciting undertaking.

IMG 7866

 Here’s a recent shot with the studio finally starting to come together. I’ve also got a whole separate room for doing resin which is amazing.


I’m finally getting settled into the new space, and getting back into the groove of painting. Though I did have to sacrifice a couple weeks of work, so there will need to be some serious, non-stop painting sessions in the next few weeks. I’ve also had a chance to get my print shop up and running, so I’ll be releasing 2 new prints this Friday, September 19th at 4:00 Eastern Time through my Etsy Store.

Here are the details:


Joined Under A Fantastic Hope UF

Joined Under a Fantastic Hope

Limited Edition of 150

18″ x 22″ including 1″ White Border



Together in Love and Wonder UF

Together in Love and Wonder

Limited Edition of 150

20″ x 16″ Including 1″ White Border


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