Life is Blur

The best way to write a blog is with a glass of bourbon, a tobacco pipe, a rifle, a sleeping dog and a general sense of manliness. Incidentally, I have all those things at this very moment so this is shaping up to be a good blog post. A lot has happened since my last blog post. Kind of an overwhelming amount of stuff actually. Bourbon sip. Quick overview.

-Winter was relatively mild. I’m realizing that scheduling big shows for Spring is awesome because I just stay in and work all winter and it just flies on by.
-Having a two-wheel, rear-wheel drive truck in the winter leads to a lot of fish-tailing and anxiety-riddled dreams/nightmares.
-Drove out to Michael Hsiung‘s opening in Philly and then brought him back to Pittsburgh to eat hoagies and play Mortal Kombat.
-Took an amazing trip to Mexico with my girlfriend, Ash, and spent a week on the beach and in the pool deciding what to drink next.
-I don’t know if I got Montezuma’s Revenge, but it was at least one of his cousins.

As for these days, I’m still plugging away at the Roq La Rue show. I’ve also got a piece in the upcoming Blab! Show also at Roq La Rue. It’s based around the infamous child whipper, Krampus. The show opens August 12th. More info here:
Blab! Show 2011

I’m releasing my last print for a while through my Etsy store. The next one will be released sometime in November. The print is of the “Mysterious Attraction of the Unseen” piece from the Strange Wandering show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Edition of 50. Go here to investigate. Mysterious Print
Mysterious Attraction of the Unseen
Speaking of Jonathan LeVine Gallery, I have some prints in the works with them as well. “Revel in the Wild Joy” and “Hail the Dark Wonder” will be available soon. The gallery just got them in so I’ll be off to New York to sign hundreds of prints pronto. I’ll have some more info on them when I get back.

Revel in the Wild Joy

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