Into the Depths

Well, my next show at Thinkspace Gallery is on the horizon and the ship has almost passed through the fogs of exhaustion and the rocky shores of panic and fear of complete disaster. Never in my life have I been involved in a show with the upmost hopes of reaching new heights with my work coupled with the heaviest fear of absolute failure.
For this show I decided to add a new dimension to my work and that is the dimension of depth. I’ve been playing with layers and depth a good deal over the years and for this show I decided to push that even further by adding layers of resin to my work. Each of these new pieces is made in a box and comprised of multiple layers of resin that I paint on and build up to make a 3D-like effect at the end. So it feels like the characters are actually immersed in their surroundings.

This is after several layers.

Resin layer poured

Trees added on top of lovely creatures

The final result after a couple more layers of trees

I only intended to do a few of these at the beginning stages of the show, but I just kept coming up with more and more ideas for these resin boxes. So I just went all in with it and centered my whole show around this concept and technique. It was a little risky to devote a whole show to something I’ve never tried before, hence the the occasional pangs of panic. But in the end, I love how these turned out and I’m glad I took the leap. This is definitely work that needs to be seen in person to really appreciate. So any of you in the LA area, please come out to see it.

Profound Encounters Amid the Forest Deep

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