Here we go 2011

Winter has rolled in and Fall is but a cold, orange mush-ball. If I didn’t live in a quiet, residential neighborhood, I would blow this pumpkin up with some M-80’s to send Autumn out in style. Instead, I struggled to get this blob off my porch because it was frozen solid to this mantle. I eventually landed a solid rage-chop to it and it broke off and rolled into someone else’s yard. Their problem now.

2011 is here. Woo hoo! I’m actually super excited for this year. I have my Jonathan LeVine Gallery show coming up in March. Gaahhh! Whew… got a little pang of panic there. Lots to do still. The last couple months of a solo show are always a blur. Mostly because of tears of every assortment. Frustration, accomplishment, panic, revelation, fear, joy, anxiety, inspiration, hunger… I always forget to eat in the scramble mode. If anyone is ever in the Pittsburgh area, bring me food.
I’m calling the show, “Strange Wanderings.” The show is mostly inspired by my cross country move from Portland to Pittsburgh. I saw sights that equally inspired and intimidated the hell out of me along the way. So there’s definitely a pinch of grandness and awe in each piece. I’ve finished two of my larger pieces and I’m super excited about them. I’ve got a bunch more in the works in varying stages of completion that should mostly be finished by the end of the month. All in all, things are going pretty awesome. Can’t wait to show these babies off!

I’ve also locked up a date for Roq La Rue in Seattle for October of this year. Can’t say how excited I am about this. I’ve been a big fan of that gallery for some time and it’s amazing I get the opportunity to show there. And an added bonus is that the show is in October which is prime Kehoe season.

Parting the Darkness

I also just posted a commission I had been working on since last summer. It’s called “Parting the Darkness” for a fine chap in Australia named Karl Hill. I also made some prints out of this piece so check it out in my Etsy shop. In other Etsy news, I added 3 prints from the series I did for Sebastian Foster. I got to keep 10 prints of the edition for myself, so I decided to throw some of them up in Etsy.

Walking with Wisdom

Happy New Year Everyone!

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