Brisk Fall Day Update

Brisk Fall Day Update

Hello Everyone!

Its been a while since my last blog post/newsletter… Holy crap, I just checked and it was last November. Yikes! Well, the world did go completely insane, and I did promise not to inundate your inbox with emails, so its not all on my weary shoulders. Hope all you’re all safe and keeping as sane as possible during these times. I’m pretty convinced that all memories of a free and normal life were implanted in my brain and I’m trapped in a never-ending Matrix-like prison nightmare. I hope that’s not true.

A lot has happened since last we spoke! I’ve been putting a lot of work into my digital painting, and I even took an online class to hone my skills. All in all, it’s been going pretty damn great. I’m finally starting to feel relatively comfortable with the medium and I think its really starting to show. In case you don’t know, I’ve been posting a digital painting every month for my Patreon page and then I offer those images as digital wallpapers and limited edition prints. Here are some of the digital paintings from this year.

If you’d like to know what Patreon is and what I’m doing on it, you can check it the link below for more info. It’s honestly the best way to support me as an artist these days

Andy Kehoe Patreon

If you want more info on these paintings as limited edition prints, check it out here:

Andy Kehoe Art Shop

Art Show News:

On top of sharpening my digital skills, I’ve also been doing some traditional ol’ fashion oil paintings for my upcoming show at Outré Gallery in Australia. The show opens on November 20th and there are a bunch of awesome artists involved. If you’re in the Melbourne area, definitely go check it out if you can. (Not sure of the covid situation there right now) Otherwise, I’ll be posting all the pieces after the opening so check it out that one. Follow me on Instagram if you can, as I post the most on that platform.


My Cyber Black Cat sale week will be coming soon. I think I’m going to start it sooner this year, since USPS has been way slower to deliver things. I’ll post more about this shortly.

Stay safe out there everyone!

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