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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I went up to visit some friends in Seattle and had dinner with them and the mighty Paulus family. Food, drink, ping pong, creepy cat puppets, belly twirling: you name it, we had it in spades. Good times indeed. Now I am back in Portland officially starting my solo show at Jonathan Levine’s in May… whew. But as with most shows, May isn’t nearly far enough and I’ll soon be in panic/crying/sleep-deprived-mode finishing the last pieces up for the show. In order to cut down on the great and final madness, I’ll try to disperse the crying and panic evenly over the next few months. But in all seriousness,very excited to get it under way!

Also, I released a new print on my Etsy store of the “Cost of Modern Living” piece. People are digging the blues and the printer is happy to finally be using some cyans for once. Nice. I’m also temporarily housing one of my brother Ben’s prints until his Etsy store goes up. The piece is called, “Loner Days.” Love it.

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